Best Things to do in Tipperary

Discover the best attractions in County Tipperary including Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, and Swiss Cottage.

There’s is an mountain of things to do in Tipperary, regardless of what kind of explorer you are.

Tipperary is a landlocked county in Ireland bursting with natural beauty. Check out our guide for the best things to do in Tipperary for some inspiration.

Heading to medieval Ireland? Get ready to transport yourself back in time to a period of turrets, towers, and battlements when the Normans ruled the land. 

The castles and dynasties that played host to scandalous battles, romantic sagas, and tales of daring rivalries and rebellions have left a significant mark in Ireland’s history.

In Tipperary, the beautiful landscape is shaped by a turbulent and often bloody past, where power was won and lost, alliances were formed and broken, and heroes and villains alike earned their reputations. 

From the iconic Rock of Cashel to the picture-perfect Cahir Castle, the Elizabethan magnificence of Ormond Castle, the dark history of Roscrea Castle, the seemingly indestructible Nenagh Castle, and even the ‘world’s most haunted castle’ (Leap Castle), there’s something that’ll pique your interest at every step of your journey.

Dreamy fortresses, serene scenery, and food galore await in County Tipperary. Regardless of what type of explorer you are, an exhilarating trip across grasslands, mountains, and peaceful towns and villages makes for a great short break.

About Tipperary

Discover the fertile vales of Tipperary, a wonder of Ireland’s Ancient East with breathtaking landscapes. The farming heartland of Ireland boasts majestic mountains such as Galtee and Knockmealdown, and historical landmarks that include the Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, Ormond Castle, and Holycross Abbey. Enjoy the delightful towns and villages in the area.

Tipperary offers engaging local folklore that comes to life through stunning valleys, unspoiled hillsides, and beautiful tracks and trails amidst the backdrop of heritage towns and pilgrim paths. Immerse yourself in 5,000 years of history and culture. The locals, whose ancestry has been traced back to these lands for generations, are welcoming and hospitable.

Whether you are a family searching for a cosy hotel or country house to stay in or want to experience an authentic Irish pub or café, Tipperary has something to offer. Revel in the natural surroundings by taking a relaxing river cruise on Lough Derg or a walk along Suir Blueway Tipperary.

The best things to do in Tipperary

Visit the Rock of Cashel


The Rock of Cashel is a renowned ecclesiastical complex situated near the heart of Cashel Town, County Tipperary. It is a remarkable archaeological site and a widely popular tourist attraction in Ireland. 

The knoll of limestone stands out gloriously in the Golden Vale and holds a magnificent collection of medieval constructions, including a 12th-century round tower, a high cross, and the remains of a Romanesque chapel. One of its most exquisite churches, Cormac’s Chapel, is among the oldest in the Romanesque style. 

The Cathedral, built between 1230 and 1270, without aisles, is a substantial Gothic cruciform church. The site also comprises a 15th-century castle. The entry point to the ecclesiastical complex is the Hall of the Vicars, which includes a museum featuring the original Cross of St. Patrick. 

Visitors will enjoy the audio-visual presentations as well as various exhibits. The Rock of Cashel, also known as ‘St. Patrick’s Rock’ is just a 500-meter walk from the centre of Cashel Town in County Tipperary.

Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle Tipperary

Cahir Castle, situated on a rocky island on the River Suir in the centre of Cahir town, County Tipperary, is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable castles in Ireland. 

This imposing 13th-15th Century structure, skillfully designed by the famous Conor O’Brien, is considered a state-of-the-art defensive castle, large and remarkably well-preserved. The castle, with the appearance of growing from the actual rock on which it stands, has experienced sieges, bombardments and an eventful history that spanned several centuries. 

The powerful Anglo-Norman family, the Butlers, acquired possession of the castle in 1375. Although it was captured three times, it was considerably rebuilt and extended by the Butlers over the centuries until it attained its present appearance in 1599. Subsequently, minor alterations took place in the 1840s. 

The castle, since the last Lord Cahir died in 1961, has reverted to the State, featuring excellent audio-visual shows that enlighten visitors more about its captivating history.

Popular Accommodation in Tipperary

Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel: Whether you are looking for a family break, a staycation, a Couples Retreat or a Girlie Getaway with friends, there is something for everyone to enjoy while staying in our hotel in Tipperary. 

Nestled in the shadow of the stunning Galtee Mountains and only an 8-minute drive from Tipperary Town and 30 minutes from Limerick City, the Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel offers the perfect base. A country retreat while being conveniently near the hustle and bustle of the city, the Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel is one of the most sought-after hotels in Tipperary.

Horse and Jockey Hotel: Located at one of the great traditional crossroads of Ireland in the heartland of Co.Tipperary the Horse & Jockey has been known as one of Ireland’s great meeting places for over 250 years. Family run by the Egan family & our wonderful team there have been many expansions throughout the years and today stands a hotel with a ‘village’ of amenities under one roof. 

From our in-house bakery & coffee shops to our rejuvenating spa and pool areas from the cosy & traditional Enclosure Bar to the various retail shops, a unique Co Tipperay village atmosphere prevails throughout.

Experience the wilderness at the Glen of Aherlow on one of eight looped walks

glen of aherlow

The Glen of Aherlow is undoubtedly a magical place to explore the great outdoors, surrounded by the awe-inspiring Galtee Mountains. A plethora of eight-looped walks is available for visitors to embrace the wonder of nature. 

Hikers, whether experienced or not, will find an array of trails to suit their level of fitness. You can start your journey from either the Christ the King Trail Head or the Lisvarrinane Village Trail Head, both offering unique and beautiful scenery, with five and three loops, respectively. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural environment, with forest tracks, open moorlands, corrie lakes, and mountain terrain. 

If you’re looking for a more peaceful and family-friendly excursion, the Glen of Aherlow Nature Park is a perfect option. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll through the woodland and be astonished by the abundance of colonial animals, natural habitats, and blooming plants and flowers.

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Visit Swiss Cottage to explore the Ireland of bygone times and get a sense of its true spirit.

Swiss Cottage

Discover the beauty of Ireland’s past at Swiss Cottage. This breathtaking landmark is a testament to the country’s rich history and embodies the true spirit of Ireland. Built-in the early 1800s by the first Earl of Glengall, it remains a beloved treasure in South Tipperary, giving visitors a sense of the bygone times.

Designed by the renowned architect, John Nash, Swiss Cottage exudes an unparalleled appeal that is inspired by nature. The external woodwork is intricately fashioned to resemble branched trees, while the cottage’s unusual thatched roof adds a rustic touch. Inside, visitors are greeted with elegant furnishings, including a graceful spiral staircase, and elaborately decorated rooms.

The salon’s wallpaper, manufactured by the Dufour factory, is one of the first commercially produced Parisian wallpapers, adding to the cottage’s grandeur. Come explore this enchanting piece of history, located on an elevated site with access by stone steps, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich culture that is Ireland.

Nenagh Heritage Centre

Nenagh Heritage Centre

The Nenagh Gaol is situated within the Georgian architecture of buildings constructed between 1840 and 1842, which served as the Governor’s residence and gatehouse for a vast gaol complex. The facility accommodated multitudes of prisoners until its cessation in the year 1887, now converted into a museum.

The gatehouse of the Nenagh Gaol, in times past, served as a place for those convicted of capital crimes to await execution by means of public hanging. During the years 1842 to 1858, 17 Tipperary men were executed at this location. Upon ceasing its functions, the Sisters of Mercy took over the property, intending to use it for educational purposes, which currently serves two schools within its vicinity.

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Brú Ború Heritage Centre


The Brú Ború Cultural Centre presents a distinguished opportunity to appreciate Irish traditional entertainment through its seasonal live shows. Located next to the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, the Centre showcases some of the most exceptional Irish traditional performers. 

As an affiliate of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, the prominent Irish cultural movement with over 400 branches worldwide, the Brú Ború Cultural Centre is a pioneer in preserving and promoting Irish culture. 

Featuring a spectacular theatre and craft shop, a cultural exhibition called ‘Sounds of History,’ a restaurant, a café, a bar, a South Tipperary genealogy suite, conference facilities, and more, it offers an immersive cultural experience.

Mitchelstown Cave

Mitchelstown Cave

This is must Things to do in Derry Public Tours of the City

Mitchelstown Cave is a notable, natural phenomenon that can be found in Ireland’s Ancient East. It is regarded as one of the most distinct and exceptional attractions in Tipperary. Initially unearthed by Michael Condon in May 1833, these caves have sustained their status as a renowned tourist destination for almost 200 years and are among the finest caves in Ireland. 

The cave is equipped with well-lit footpaths and expert tour guides, ensuring visitors’ safety while they explore the natural wonder concealed beneath the ground. Guests are allowed to enhance their understanding of this geological marvel that has remained hidden in plain sight.

Cashel Folk Village


The Cashel Folk Village Museum is situated on Moor Lane in the town of Cashel and is a mere 250 meters away from the renowned Rock of Cashel. This small and unassuming museum is a valuable repository of historical and cultural heritage. 

It is packed with a wealth of artefacts and exhibits, ranging from the Great Famine to the 1916 Rising and the War of Independence. The museum houses a splendid ancient forge, a wishing well, a tinker’s caravan, and a Penal Chapel. 

Despite its modest size, the museum holds a significant role in preserving and presenting the local history and culture for the benefit of all those who visit it.

Ardfinnan Castle

Ardfinnan Castle

Ardfinnan Castle, which is located in scenic County Tipperary, Ireland, possesses a fascinating historical legacy that has captured the attention of many. The purpose of this article is to explore the intriguing past of Ardfinnan Castle, with an emphasis on its construction, purpose, and significant cultural contributions by notable individuals. 

The story of Ardfinnan Castle dates back to the late 12th century when Prince John of England, the future King John I, built this strategic castle on a spot that overlooks the River Suir. Established in 1185, the purpose of constructing the castle was to secure the fording point of the river, which was vital in the transportation and trade of the region. 

The castle was built to protect and consolidate the Anglo-Norman dominance over southern Ireland.

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